CHC secretariat is looking for Representatives from NGOs and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Socially Engaged Scholars-Researchers, Faith Based Organizations (FBOs), Peace and Human Rights Activists, Youth Leaders, Researchers, Retried officials/experts, Community leaders and lawyers are welcomed to join CHC Country/Province/District/village Groups.

Kindly build these groups, find like minded individuals/professionals for below groups. Completed application forms with updated CVs will be required. You guys can lead these all groups
1) 2 Individuals to lead All Groups of the District (male and female)
2) 2 Individuals for Lawyer group (male and female)
3) 2 Individuals for expert group (male and female)
4) 2 Individuals for Journalist group (male and female)
5) 2 Individuals for Youth group (male and female)
6) 2 women for women group (female)
7) 2 Individuals for refugee group (female & Male one person should be refugee)
8) 2 Individuals for Child protection group (female & Male)
9) 2 Individuals for Climate Change group (female & Male)
10) 2 Individuals for Health group (female & Male)
11) 2 Individuals for businessmen group (female & Male)
12) 2 Individuals for education group (female & Male)
13) 2 Individuals for minority group (female & Male)
14) 2 Individuals for IDPs group (female & Male)
15) 2 Individuals for Transgender group (female & Male, one must be transgender)
16) 2 Individuals for education group (female & Male)
17) 2 Individuals for livelihoods group (female & Male)

If you willing to join CHC groups then you can send us back application form and updated CV with group name at

You will be very vital asset for CHC and CHC can introduce innovative approaches but we are building a network on national/international level which will serve the communities in different sectors on single time

If you are willing to lead the group of a Country/Province/District then CHC will need 34 individuals for 17 Groups

These Groups will be expanded gradually. you also can join us as a national expert. I hope you can advise on the matters related to areas of your expertise.

Note: All positions are volunteer, virtual and unpaid but paid duties will be offered to the group leaders and members during activities

Kindly support the cause by sharing among your networks/circles. Your actions will promote volunteerism.

Kindly support the cause and join the groups because CHC want to bring all groups on one platform by this we can reduce the gaps between communities.

CHC International Committee will decide on the leading positions for the countries and groups.

CHC Committee members are as follow

Dr. Galya Ruffer                                Yiombi Thona
Twitter: @gbruffer                            Twitter: @Yiombi

Muhammad Ejaz                               Sonia Bin Ali
Twitter: @MuhammadCHC           Twitter @UrbanRefugees

Kindly fill the form, send us back with updated CV at with subject CHC Groups

Forms can be downloaded from link
You all are requested to spread the word among your circles/networks.

Kind Regards,

Hope for Hopeless, Voice for Voiceless
Founder & Committee Member of Community Help Community CHC,
Proud Member of Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network (APRRN),


CHC is helping the world’s poorest people and want to put them in the
position where they do great things for themselves.
Follow us online:, Twitter: @MuhammadCHC

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