Humanitarian Affairs

Social Protection

Lack of resources, political will and violation of basic human rights are major reasons for social insecurity in Pakistan. There is no clearly articulated government social protection framework but various social security schemes and cash assistance programs are developed and being implemented to support vulnerable families and communities. The empirical studies on social protection in Pakistan emphasize

Weaknesses like lack of coordination among execution authorities, design fault in various schemes, corruption and embezzlement, inadequate cash or in-kind assistance, low coverage, high administrative costs, program overlap and duplication, poor or no targeting mechanism, political interference and bureaucratic malfeasance and lack of monitoring and supervision[1].


CHC aims to strengthen the service delivery of existing social protection schemes by linking vulnerable target communities with these schemes so that underprivileged communities can be benefitted from these schemes. For this purpose, social protection initiatives will involve integrated approach to reach maximum number of beneficiaries.

[1] A profile of social protection in Pakistan: An appraisal of empirical literature, Research Report No.81 (

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