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CHC Edhi Network- A venue for collective reflections and envisioning the future

In a tribute to true Role Model Abdul Sattar Edhi, Community Help Community CHC is launching CHC Edhi Network to serve communities better. CHC was formally registered in 2015 under societies registration act XXI of 1860 in the office of the Provincial Registrar Joint Stock Companies And Societies, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Muhammad Ejaz Founder and CEO of CHC & CHC Edhi Network, initiated the idea with help of Co-founders Dr. Galya Benarieh Ruffer USA and Professor Yiombi Patrick Thona South Korea. Experts from different countries later on joined the cause.

Community Help Community is leading an approach where CHC wants to build nontraditional mechanisms for the betterment of communities by involving all stakeholders to facilitate communities in multi dimensions specially focus on the awareness, advocacy and capacity building. CHC is aiming to reduce the gaps between different communities by sharing best practices and bringing international expertise where required. CHC wants to put the communities in the position to do great things within the community, for the community and by the community. To make humanitarian actions more effective & principled, for the purpose CHC will do MUOs with district Governments.

Different groups of CHC Edhi Network will help local, provincial and national communities and will also advise the policy makers on the community priorities through press releases, campaigns, letters, Surveys, appeals, community forms, consultations, workshops, seminars, district peace tables and creative performances in districts. For the purpose, CHC secretariat is looking for members/representatives from NGOs and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Socially Engaged Scholars-Researchers, Faith Based Organizations (FBOs), Peace and Human Rights Activists, Youth Leaders, Researchers, Journalists, Public Figures, Retried Officials/Experts, Community Leaders and Lawyers from all over KP for Province/26 districts /rural areas groups of CHC Edhi Network.

All members of CHC Edhi Network will be volunteers. It will promote volunteerism, transparency and accountability. Every volunteer will be contributing in the development of Pakistan. Every group will have provincial chair and deputy chair, District heads and members. Network will work under the supervision of Founder of CHC and Provincial committee. CHC Edhi Network will project the efforts and contribution of all stakeholders in the development of Pakistan

CHC Edhi Network is consisted of following groups, mention the group name in the subject while applying. 1. Lawyer Group 2. Human Rights & Governance group 3. Journalist Group 4. Youth Group 5. Women Group 6. Refugee Group 7. Child Protection Group 8. Interfaith Harmony Group 9. Disability & Orphans Group 10. Skilled Group 11. Transgender Group 12. drug rehabilitation Group 13. Public Figure Group 14. NGOs Group 15. Innovators Group 16. Cultural heritage & values protection group 17. Environment & Climate Change Group 18. Health Group 19. Businessmen Group 20. Education Group 21. Minority Group 22. Food security & Agriculture Group 23. Water & Sanitation Group 24. Rural Development group 25. Economic Growth 26 Democracy 27. Gender equality 28. Cleaner Energy 29. Urban Development group 30. Consultants for NGO Group 31. Entrepreneurship Group 32. Civil-Military Coordination group 33. Religious scholars group

Muhammad Ejaz
Hope for Hopeless, Voice for Voiceless
Founder/CEO, Community Help Community- CHC
CHC is Member of Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network (APRRN), Protection
Cluster UNHCR, UNDP, UNOCHA, CCCM cluster, Food Security Cluster KP/FATA
CHC is helping the world’s poorest people and want to put them in the position where they do great things for themselves. Follow us online:,, Twitter: @MuhammadCHC



❖ Members can apply for Network membership (member of all groups) or group membership (member of one group)

❖ There is no fee to join any group but membership official cards will be provided on nominal charges if requested.

❖ CHC Secretariat will select provincial chair and deputy chair, district and rural areas heads for the group representation for two years of period. Later on, the chair, deputy chair and head of the groups will be elected on elections bases. Last date to apply is 31/07/2016

❖ CHC Secretariat can reject any application for the membership and decision of CHC will be final.

❖ All positions are volunteer and unpaid but paid duties will be offered to the group leaders and members if funding is available.

❖ For members it is mandatory that he/she should have some knowledge and background of the applied group.

❖ Send an Updated CV only to the email of relevant district and mention group name in the subject line.

❖ Members can join all groups but they will have the voting power in the one group only

❖ Women are encouraged to apply Applicants with no internet access can send their CV to Community Help Community PO Box 24 Dera Ismail Khan

for any inquiries email us at

Emails of Districts,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Facebook Groups of the CHC Network

1) For Role Models
2) For Interfaith Harmony
3) For Community News
4) For Youth & Students
5) For Lawyers
6) For Disability
7) For Volunteers
8) For refugees & idps
9) For Public Figures
10) For NGOs
11) For Journalist
12) For innovators
13) For Health
14) For Livelihoods

15) For Women

16) Climate Change Group

17) Human Rights & Volunteers

18) Human Rights & Governance group

19) For Philanthropist

20) For Skills

21) For Community Leader

22) For Education

23) For Minority

24) Food security & Agriculture

25) For Water & Sanitation

26) Rural Development

27) Economic Growth

28) For Democracy

29) For Gender equality

30) For Cleaner Energy

31) For Urban Development

32) For Consultants for NGOs

33) For Child Protection

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