Who We Are


What is Community Help Community?

Community Help Community (CHC) is learning and knowledge-sharing network of communities, experts and youths working together to strengthen community development initiatives through information sharing and capacity building programs.



Peaceful and prosperous Pakistan where communities have effective and principle access to resources and opportunities without any discrimination of gender, race, religion, socio-economic status and ethnicity.


Mission Statement

Community Help Community (CHC) aims to empower a learning and knowledge-sharing network to strengthen community development initiatives by community best practices.



Cooperation:      Association and interaction for realization of common vision

Collaboration:    Collective and joint intellectual effort

Aspiration:          Resilient and persistent high achievements

Empowerment:  Empowering talented people to take the initiative



Community Help Community (CHC) is a registered non-profit, non-religious, and non-political non-governmental organization (NGO) working for community development through the provision of quality services at community level in order to contribute to an educated society of peace, tolerance, harmony, and prosperity. Community Help Community aims to serve deprived & poor communities and facilitate effective exchange of information, ideas and best practices among member communities, experts and students to ensure quality coordination and participation by connecting local leaders with academic experts to strengthen community development initiatives.


CHC is registered under societies registration act XXI of 1860 with aim to work for social and child protection, education promotion, food security and livelihood improvement, rural and urban development, water and sanitation, disaster risk reduction and climate change through community development process.


In 2014, CHC initiated community development initiatives as community mobilization programming and women and inherent program in joint collaboration with Ikhlas Welfare Society in Dera Ismail Khan. Recent CHC initiatives include unconditional funding mechanism will be led by CHC in collaboration with protection cluster UNHCR KPK. This initiative will target businessmen and entrepreneurs for funding of communities and vulnerable group.


CHC believes in empowering the communities by identifying capacity building role model individuals and communities and identifying best practices for integrated programming in the diverse sectors of education, shelter, WASH and health to meet the unmet needs of community. CHC will develop, adopt, adapt and learn community best practices across globe and will invite industry experts to ensure that capacity of the communities are developed and role model communities are empowered to help other communities. These models will be portrayed for additional funding, resources and mobilization of volunteers for research and innovation in each sector.


Our History

Muhammad basically is an entrepreneur with established ventures in Pakistan, Thailand, Singapore, Australia started working as volunteer for urban refugees in Thailand in 2013. Initiatives included free education for children by promoting and encouraging mother refugees to develop and deliver education to children with the concept of ‘refugee help refugee’. Health camps were organized and food packages were distributed among the refugee communities with help of different stakeholders.


Dr. Gayla Ruffer, the Co-founder of CHC and also founder of these initiatives as post migration assistance program and Mr. Yiombi Patrick Thona Co-founder Professor Gwangiu University, Korea/ Chair, Asia Pecific Refugee rights Network APRRN, East Asia working group helped Muhammad to formally launch the idea for community helping the community in different region. Similar discussions and intervention ideas provided basic framework for launch and establishment of Community Help Community in Pakistan. The NGO was formally registered in 2015 under societies registration act XXI of 1860 in the office of the provincial registrar joint stock companies and societies, Peshawar Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The constitution of the firm was formally developed and committee was formed and formally signed by members. The roles and responsibilities of office bearers of the NGO are agreed and represented by

Muhammad Ejaz President
Qurat-ul-Ain Vice President
Mary General Secretary
Farhan Ahmad Press Secretary
Sheikh M. Haroon ul Rehman Finance Secretary
Seemab Gohar Joint Secretary
Rais Khan Coordination Secretary
Maj. Gen. (r) Hamid Shafique Chief Patron

. The current office of the NGO is located in Dera Ismail Khan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with aim to establish its national secretariat in Islamabad capital territory by 2017.


Our Targets 2016-18

Community Help Community aims to achieve:

  • Youth led women focused community development initiatives of at least 3,000 youth volunteers, especially women of rural areas completed by engagement, registration, capacity building, and involvement by signing MOUs with CSOs at community level, educational institutions and universities, training and development and youth volunteers interventions across Pakistan;


  • Formation of at least 30 national level cross thematic NGOs consortium has been accomplished for joint implementation of programs to remove limitations, promote of NGOs best practices and involve in community development models;


  • The capacity of at least 5,000 youth especially women developed through non-traditional skill development program for social protection and women empowerment by linking and strengthening social micro-enterprises value chain;


  • At least 15,000 IDPs, refugees and host communities reached through cross thematic initiatives to bridge the gap and help IDP and refugee repatriation to reduce gender violence and social protection


  • The capacity 10,000 communities developed in Rural and urban development, climate change and Disaster Risk Reduction and Humanitarian response through provision of quality service delivery.


Our Aims

Community Help Community shall:

  • Advocate and work for the protection of rights of the communities and develop strategies and  mechanisms  to represent, promote and address  communities needs and social rights at national and international level
  • Engage to develop, consolidate and improve best practices to better protect the rights of host and refugee communities and other people in need are treated with dignity, enjoy their rights and do not face discrimination, abuse, exploitation or protracted displacement.
  • Strengthen the capacity of CHC members and volunteers to respond to key protection challenges through a number of initiatives such as trainings, workshops, and consultations.

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