CHC is a Learning and Knowledge Sharing Network which will be A venue for collective reflections and envisioning the future

This is an Invitation to Join Community Help Community  (CHC)

Community Help Community is looking for Representatives from NGOs and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Socially Engaged Scholars-Researchers, Faith Based Organizations (FBOs), Peace and Human Rights Activists, Youth Leaders, Researchers, Community leaders and Journalists to join the CHC.

You can nominate or volunteer yourself to join the CHC as an Expert. CHC is a learning and knowledge-sharing network of experts, youth and communities focused on initiatives including Humanitarian Access, Displacement, Evaluations of Humanitarian Response, Food security, Gender Equality, Humanitarian Development, Humanitarian Engagement, Needs Assessment, Protection, Transition from Relief to Development, human rights, transgender, education, gender-based violence, health, refugee law, community development and mobilization programming, women and youth participation and leadership, climate change adaptation and environment, businessmen in humanitarian activities, volunteerism and youth with low qualifications, interfaith harmony, peace and conflict.

The Network will provide opportunities to share experiences of initiatives focused on these topics.

Organizations, youth, experts and community leaders are invited to join the CHC Learning and Knowledge-Sharing Network.

Experts and organizations currently serving in above initiatives are especially invited to join the CHC. Interested experts can send their CV to and with Subject CHC volunteer.

Kindly share this invitation with your networks and friends.

CHC Volunteer Application Form

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