National Youth Innovator Expo 2016 & CHC National Groups

Community Help Community CHC was formally registered in 2015 under societies registration act XXI of 1860 in the office of the provincial registrar joint stock companies and societies, Peshawar Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Community Help Community is leading an approach where CHC wants to build nontraditional Mechanisms for the betterment of communities and want to involve different stakeholders to facilitate communities in multi dimensions. CHC is aiming to reduce the gaps between different communities by sharing the best practices.

Youth are requested to send innovations which can benefit larger communities of Pakistan. Innovations should address the priorities of the communities. Shortlisted innovators will lead their projects on district, provincial and national levels. Kindly send your innovations with updated CV at

CHC secretariat is also looking for representatives from NGOs and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Socially Engaged Scholars-Researchers, Faith Based Organizations (FBOs), Peace and Human Rights Activists, Youth Leaders, Researchers, Retried officials/experts, Community leaders and lawyers for Province/District/village Groups of CHC.

These all groups will be serving their communities in different sectors at the same time.

Your kind support of the activities will promote the culture of volunteerism in the province/District/Village.

CHC will decide on the leading positions of each group.


1) All positions are volunteer and unpaid but paid duties will be offered to the group leaders and members during activities.

2) Membership of the CHC groups is free

3) Application Form can be downloaded

4) Last date to apply 30/12/2015

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Twitter @muhammadchc

1) For Role Models
2) For Interfaith Harmony
3) For Community News
4) For Youth
5) For Lawyers
6) For Businessmen
7) For Volunteers
8) For refugees & idps
9) For Public Figures
10) For NGOs
11) For Journalist
12) For innovators
13) For Health
14) For Livelihoods


Send your Completed application forms with updated CVs at below emails.

  1. For Lawyer Group (male and female) Email at
  2. For Expert Group (male and female) Email at
  3. For Journalist Group (male and female) Email at
  4. For Youth Group (male and female) Email at
  5. For Women Group (female) Email at
  6. For Refugee Group (female & Male refugee background) Email at
  7. For Child Protection Group (female & Male) Email at
  8. For Climate Change Group (female & Male) Email at
  9. For Health Group (female & Male) Email at
  10. For Businessmen Group (female & Male) Email at
  11. For Education Group (female & Male) Email at
  12. For Minority Group (female & Male) Email at
  13. For Agriculture Group (female & Male) Email at
  14. For Transgender Group (female & Male) Email at
  15. For Interfaith Harmony Group (female & Male) Email at
  16. For Disability Group (female & Male) Email at
  17. For Skilled Group (female & Male) Email at
  18. For Community Group (female & Male) Email at
  19. For livelihood Group (female & Male) Email at
  20. For Public Figure Group (female & Male) Email at
  21. For NGOs Group Email at
  22. For Politician Group Email at
  23. For Universities Email at

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